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There’s open desks alongside talented teams and individuals at the Chloi HQ co-working space in Vancouver.

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Chloi HQ
604-55 East Cordova
Vancouver, BC
V6A 0A5 Canada

From the very beginning we have been focused on working with the community, from our Open Source contributions, to education though meetups and speaking engagements.

When we set out to find an office, we had the community in mind as well. We wanted a space that was on par with some of the greatest spaces in the city. An office that was fun and engergtic as well as had spaces to break out and collaborate.

We wanted a space where like-minded teams and individuals could work around us and help share in each other’s success, along with some of the overhead costs.

While we call the space Chloi HQ, it is really a shared co-operative space where we cover the administration, keep the power and internet on, and manage who comes and goes.

We’ve been lucky to call the incredible individuals and new, remote Vancouver teams our co-workes in friends.

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Current Teams

You’ll quickly get to know the talented and friendly developers, designers, writers, and markets at Chloi HQ everyday.

  • Social Chorus

    Social Chorus’ Vancouver team, enabling employees and brand ambassadors to generating new awareness.

  • Pathful

    Pathful provides content marketing intelligence and analytics. See the impact your content is having.

  • Medinovel

    Medinovel is a medical innovation company focused on developing products for the operating-room environment.

Awesome Alumni

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the space with many successful teams that have outgrown a co-working space, like:

  • Brewhouse

    A group of creative web product developers for hire. We love brewing tech, tea and coffee.

  • Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs’ Vancouver team, working on mobile testing across 400+ device/OS/browser platforms.

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Chloi HQ is located at
604-55 East Cordova St.,
moments away from some of the best lunch and coffee spots in Vancouver.